Our Story


We met in 2009,  in the last hours of the last day of the Nataraj Festival at the Dead Sea php 접속 시 다운로드. We both happened to become partners in an acro-balance workshop, and somehow escaped the challenge without any severe injuries. Having survived the workshop, we kept each other company for the remainder of the festival, feeling something unexplainable drawing us together 원더 2017 다운로드. We talked. We danced. And when the festival ended, we decided to stay in touch, uncertain if this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or something more gnu 컴파일러.

We started talking on the phone, and later met at a dinner party with some friends. On our first official date, we met at the beach, walked around the market, made dinner from what we bought there, and later took Uri’s roommate’s dog for a walk aoa 다운로드.

And that’s where the inspiration for this book began.


While we were walking the dog in the park, we spontaneously decided to hug a couple of strangers 인공위성 지도 다운로드. It started out as a dare, but as we carried out this challenge we were surprised how uplifted the exercise left us. This feeling remained for the rest of the night and even into the next day. We couldn’t quite put it into words, but something special had happened to us that day. From that moment on, besides getting to know each other better and deepening our relationship like all couples do, we found ourselves always looking for the next unusual, creative, fun thing to do together. As time passed, we came up with more and more ideas for activities and adventures.

sense_of_touch_origSome of them were really romantic: we spoiled each other in the shower (see “Royal Pampering Shower”) and spent the night outdoors to study the great starry sky (see “The North Star”). Some of our ideas were simply about goofing around together (see “Doggy Style” and “Wrestling”), some were more challenging (see “A Hug” and “Soundtrack”), and others were more on the erotic side (see “Exploring” and “Sense of Touch”).

Over time we realized there was more to these activities than just having fun. These shared experiences were doing something good for our relationship, something we didn’t expect. We found ourselves talking more openly and honestly we gained more confidence in each other; we had more courage to express ourselves in front of each other, and to bring who we truly are to the table. We quickly became closer and more intimate. And we laughed a lot. And still do.

During our travels around the world, we drew inspiration from people we met and places we visited, and enriched our collection of activities even more. Realizing we had something very special, we decided to share it.

And that is how this book was born.

Selection_010TwoHaveFun is the fruit of personal experience and joint thinking. It is a colorful collection of activities which offer various ways to strengthen and deepen your romantic relationship, using love and humor as the means, and life as the playground.

Some of the activities are childish, and some will pull you right out of your comfort zone. Some may take a few minutes (or even seconds) and some may take an entire morning or afternoon. But all of the activities are first and foremost fun. By completing each activity and working your way towards the greater challenges, you will find your relationship deepens and enhances with better communication, openness, trust, playfulness, and intimacy, which we believe are the most important components in a strong, loving relationship.

We hope this book will warm your hearts and relationships, and open them to new ideas and experiences.

Yours, with a good laugh,

Lali & Uri

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