The willingness to get out of our comfort zone in order to make our relationship better 다운로드. Dare to break through our own boundaries. Say what we desire. Show our weaknesses. Dare to make mistakes and learn from them. Speak our mind and heart 포켓몬스터 화이트2 nds 다운로드. Be exposed.


Share everything that’s on my mind and heart, without holding back, whenever we want and whatever we want 재생 중인 동영상 다운로드. Share as much as possible, because sharing gives my partner the opportunity to get to know me better, in a way I wish them to.

Breaking Patterns

This is my journey 다운로드. It’s my responsibility to choose my own path to follow. I’m not afraid to ask questions about every aspect of life. This allows me to discover my own personal beliefs, wills and needs 황야행동 다운로드. I am courageous and act despite fears. I believe in myself and work hard, without reservation of what people may say or think, to make my dreams become a reality. And my partner does the same. Together, we give each other strength to live our lives the way we want them to be.


We have a lot in common, but we have a lot of differences as well. We are two separate individuals. We each have our own way of doing things. Each of us has his own character, weaknesses and strengths. We think, feel, and understand things differently. We each have dreams and wishes of our own. But when we face our differences as an advantage instead of an obstacle, there is no need to try to change what makes us different. Our differences become a way to enrich and inspire each others lives. Our way to open our heart and mind for new and different points of view. Through each other we learn to accept ourselves and others for who they are.

Constructing Communication

Our communication is the strongest and the most fundamental foundation in our relationship. It’s the best way to understand ourselves and the one we love. It’s our guiding light in times of difficulty. It’s what gives us security when love is fragile. And we never take it for granted. Building, learning and implementing our communication is the best gift we can give ourselves.


The tendency to be too serious is always there . By consciously choosing to be playful and call the child inside of us out to play, we let go of this tendency, as well as stress. Playfulness helps us be more open to new experiences and new ideas. We become more expressive with our bodies. Our physical and mental boundaries are expanded so life is much more interesting, surprising, full of colors variety and laughter.

Talk about it

We love talking about relationships with friends and family. It’s a topic that never gets boring. When we have shared with others the things we are struggling with in our intimate relationship, we have found we get other points of view, support, new perspective, and understanding. We noticed that it encourages others to do the same. With this form of open dialogue, there is no need to pretend everything is always well. We can always be ourselves and that is a very liberating feeling.

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